If you feel like painful memories and negative emotions are holding you back in life, you need to read this.

Talk therapy, reframing, meditation, energy work, positive thinking—no lasting results? It's time you discover the three skills that can change everything.

If you just can't seem to get past painful memories and negative emotions, no matter what you try—please, keep reading.

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My name is Dr. Vijay Ram, Ph.D., MS, MBA. I'm a cognitive scientist with a background studying the following areas of brain function:

  • Brain neurology
  • Language perception
  • Skill acquisition
  • Mental organization processes
  • Decision making and judgment
  • Emotions
Like you, I'm human—which means I have the capacity to suffer all the various psychological maladies an emotional being could suffer. And, like most people, I've experienced my fair share.
Throughout my years, I've experimented with all the usual ways people seek to alleviate their emotional pain—from talk therapy (psychotherapy), reframing, metaphysical stuff—on down the list.

During my doctoral work I made a discovery that changed everything. I found that three simple skills can help free your mind from burdensome emotions—forever.

Then, by doing research studies with people from all backgrounds (and having as many different life experiences and perspectives as there are to have), I found that learning and practicing this skill set delivers improvements in:

Emotional stability and coping


Impulse control

Idea generation and creativity

Hurry! Free Master Class Starting Soon, Click To Join!


These skills are the foundation of my RAMIC process, and I want to share them with you.

The RAMIC process can help improve your ability to think clearer, make decisions, solve problems, and think through emotional issues that previously seemed impossible to work through.

I’d like to offer you a spot in my next webinar—a short presentation on RAMIC.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • Why the techniques you've tried before never worked for you long term
  • The three key skills that will give you rapid business and personal growth
  • You’ll learn how accurately identifying and articulating what you’re feeling—or, expressing yourself—is a key factor to this process.
  • How to clear your mind of everything but the problem you need to solve - AND - see a demonstration of someone actually doing this!
  • And so much more…

If you're looking to try something new—something you've never seen or heard of before that will change your life for the better—then click the button below to reserve your spot in my webinar.

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